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Let me first thank each and every one of you that takes the time to visit this site and for also following the website on social media. Second, let me thank those people that have randomly stopped to talk to me about the website while I’m out in public (whether on the banks of stream or out and about in the New River Valley and Roanoke area). I am very proud to know that this website is succeeding to help people who are looking for more information on fly fishing here in Southwestern Virginia.

As I posted before the website is going to be going through a few changes. A lot of these changes are due to my lack of available free time outside of my real job and the fact I have relocated to Roanoke, Va. I want to provide quality information to every person that visits the website but in order to do this I need to maximize my time spent on the website.

The Stream Reports I feel were becoming inadequate for the website. I will be honest this decision is mainly account of reports being very boring and tedious to type out each week, that and this information is already posted on VDGF and the USGS. This in turn made me lax in putting them out. So they are out of here.

Instead of Stream Reports I will be replacing them with a blog on this website. The blog will be a mixed bag of information and topics; where I have been fishing, what flies I am using, and any knowledge that I think might be relevant and useful to know. My hope is to post these bi-weekly but as of right now I have not set any definite time frame.

I am also playing around with the Fly Tying Tutorials. When I first started to fly tie I always wondered why it would take a fly fishing website so long to put out a fly tutorial, well now I know why.  Fly tying is an art that changes with every fly you create, you might be tying the exact same pattern over and over again but each fly will be different in some minute way. Now throw in filming yourself tying and you get painstaking endeavor to say the least. Honestly I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent on a single fly tying tutorial (setting up filming, filming, and editing the film) only to realize during the editing stage that the video is unusable.  My goal for the site is quality instead of quantity. Right now I am trying to figure out a way to maximize my time spent on doing a fly tutorial and give the website viewers the best quality. One idea is to do photo fly tying tutorials instead of fly tying videos. Once I get feedback on these I will see which avenue I will need to take.

Finally I am going to continue to add more and more posts detailing streams throughout Southwestern Virginia. However, and I am sorry to those that have asked for these, I will not be adding any detailed posts regarding rivers or lakes. Realistically there is no feasible way to do these wonderful bodies of water (especially the New and the James River) justice in a post like I am providing on this website. I feel this is where local fly shops and guides become invaluable tools for fly fishermen. They are the ones constantly on these waters day to day, and their personal knowledge is not something you will be able to find on a website that is not updated daily with hands on information.

Again I wanted to thank everyone for your continued support of this website; it is because of you that I keep it running. I am also opening to any ideas that you have, so fire away. Next up will be a triple part blog talking about my choice to simplify everything over the past year in regards to fly fishing; from flies, to gear, and even knots.

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