Higa’s SOS


Higa’s SOS


  • TMC 2302 Size 12-18 Hook
  • Silver or Black Tungsten Bead
  • Black UTC 70 Thread
  • Black UTC Vinyl D-Rib Midge
  • Black Rabbit Dubbing
  • Moose Hair
  • Black Krystal Flash
  • Red Metz Sili Skin
  • UV Resin


  1. Begin by putting your bead on your hook then putting it in the vice.
  2. Tie on your thread beginning behind the bead and trim off any excess.
  3. Wrap the thread towards the rear of the hook.
  4. After stacking a small bit of moose hair tie in the hair where you stopped the thread. Trim off any excess after the moose hair is tied in.
  5. At the point of where you trimmed off the excess moose hair tie in the d-rib, taking several wraps with your thread towards the rear of the hook.
  6. Bring your thread back to the point where you tied in the d-rib and tie in the sili skin.
  7. After the sili skin is tied in take the d-rib and begin wrapping it towards the bead of the hook, take several wraps past the sili skin. Tie off and trim off any excess.
  8. Take a medium amount of rabbit fur and form a dubbing noodle on your thread. Wrap this dubbing noodle to behind the bead to form the flies thorax.
  9. Behind the bead tie in a single strand of krystal flash that has been doubled over. Trim off the excess but do not worry about getting it the exact length you want for your legs.
  10. Bring the sili skin up and over your thorax to form the wing case and tie off just behind the bead.
  11. Whip finish and trim off excess thread.
  12. (Optional) Take a small amount of uv resin and apply it to the wing case then zap with uv light.

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