Vinyl D-Rib Soft Hackle


Vinyl D-Rib Soft Hackle


  • TMC 2302 Size 12-18 Hook
  • 1/8” Tungsten Bead
  • UTC 70 Thread or 100 GSP (Your Choice of Color)
  • UTC Vinyl D-Rib Nymph Size (Your Choice of Color)
  • Rabbit Dubbing (Your Choice of Color)
  • Partridge Feather


  1. Start by putting the bead on your hook and putting in the vice.
  2. Wrap the thread behind the bead and secure to the hook, cut off any excess.
  3. Tie the d-rib behind the bead.
  4. Wrap thread down with the d-rib down to the bend of the hook. Bring the thread back to the bead.
  5. Wrap the d-rib back up to the bead of the hook, tie off, and trim the off the excess d-rib.
  6. Take a small amount of rabbit dubbing and apply it to the thread to form a small dubbing noodle. Wrap this behind the bead to form a small thorax.
  7. Tie in the partridge feather. Take several wraps with the partridge feather to form the soft hackle.
  8. Whip finish and cut off excess thread.

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