Caddis Pupa Nymph


Caddis Pupa Nymph


  • TMC 2487 Size 10 Hook
  • 1/8” Gold Tungsten Bead
  • Red UTC 70 Thread
  • Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) Yellow(ish) Yarn
  • Wapsi Natural Mottled Thin Skin
  • Partridge Feather
  • Olive Rabbit Dubbing
  • Black Krystal Flash
  • Clear Cure Goo Hydro


  1. Start by putting your bead on your hook and put in the vice.
  2. Secure your thread on the hook and take wraps to the below the bend of your hook.
  3. Tie in the thin skin.
  4. Take the yarn and cut off a six inch piece. Separate the strands of the yarn so that you have 4 1/4 strands of the yarn. Take one of these strands and tie on to the hook just above the thin skin (hint wet the yarn tip).
  5. Form a small cigar shaped abdomen at the bend of the hook with your thread, then bring the thread back to the bead of the hook.
  6. The next part is the hardest part on this fly, take your time and have patience. If you don’t like the way fly is coming together start over. So take the yarn with hackle pliers and spin it until its manageable again. Take this yarn and wrap it once around the hook, then bring over the thin skin, wrap your yarn over the thin skin, then wrap the yarn twice around the hook. Continue this process until reach the end of your cigar shape abdomen. Secure both the thin skin and the yarn, cut off the excess yarn but not the excess thin skin.
  7. Attach a partridge feather just above the thin skin, take several wraps with the partridge to form the soft hackle of the nymph. Secure and trim off any excess.
  8. Apply the rabbit dubbing to thread to form a dubbing noodle.
  9. Wrap the dubbing noodle up to the bead and tie off using the the red thread.
  10. Take the krystal flash and tie it in in this space behind the bead to form the horns of the fly.
  11. Pull the thin skin up and over the thorax of the fly, you will be going in between the soft hackle, then secure with tight wraps behind the bead. Whip finish and trim off the waste thread and thin skin.
  12. Cut the krystal flash horns to desired length.
  13. Pull down on the krystal flash and the soft hackle, put a small amount of CCG on the thin skin at the thorax, finish with UV light.


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