Traditional Hares Ear Nymph


Traditional Hares Ear 


  • TMC 2302 Size 14 Hook
  • 1/8” Gold Tungsten Bead
  • Black or Brown UTC 70 Thread
  • Pheasant Tail
  • Gold UTC Brassie Wire
  • Wapsi Rabbit Naturall All Purpose Dubbing
  • Wapsi Mottled Turkey Quill
  • Clear Cure Goo Hydro


  1. Start by putting the bead on your hook and putting in the vice.
  2. Wrap the thread behind the bead and secure to the hook, cut off any excess.
  3. Wrap the thread to the end of hook then taking a small amount of pheasant tail tie in the tail of the fly.
  4. Take a couple wraps up to were you will form the thorax of the fly and tie in the wire.
  5. Take the thread back down to the tail, from here take your dubbing and apply it to the thread creating a small cigar dubbing noodle.
  6. Wrap your dubbing noodle up to just above where the wire was tied in at.
  7. Candy cane your wire up your hook putting a lot of pressure on the wire so that it flattens out the dubbing. Once at the point where the dubbing stops tie in the wire.
  8. Cut off roughly ten turkey quills and tie in on top of the fly at the point where the dubbing stopped.
  9. Apply more dubbing to the thread, forming another dubbing noodle. Wrap this noodle to just behind the hook, leaving just a little room in between the dubbing and the bead.
  10. Pull the turkey quills up and over the thorax of you and tie in tight using that bit of space you left when dubbing the thorax.
  11. Apply a small amount of CCG Hydro on the turkey quills, zap with UV light.

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