Twist & Shout Nymph

The Twist & Shout Nymph


  • Size 12 Hook
  • Tungsten Bead
  • Red UTC 70 Thread
  • Fire Orange or Neon Green UTC 140 Thread
  • Clear Cure Goo Hydro
  • Peacock Herl
  • Hares Ear Mask
  • Partridge Feather
  • Dubbing Wax


  1. Put the bead on the hook before putting the hook in the vice.
  2. Attach the orange or green thread to the rear of the hook and form a small cigar shape. Whip finish and cut off any excess.
  3. Apply a small amount CCG Hydro to this thread and zap with UV light.
  4. Tie in the red thread at the bead of the hook and take wraps going down towards the recently cured orange thread.
  5. Tie in 4 strands of peacock herl at the back of the hook.
  6. After the peacock is tied in form a dubbing loop with the red thread.
  7. Apply a small amount of dubbing wax to the thread.
  8. Cut a small amount of hares ear off and apply it to the dubbing loop. Pull peacock through the dubbing loop and begin to twist to form a dubbing noodle.
  9. Wrap the dubbing noodle up to the bead and tie off using the the red thread.
  10. Tie in the partridge feather, then take several wraps to form the soft hackle collar.
  11. Tie off the partridge feather and whip finish.
Neon Green Variation
Flame Orange Variation

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