Synthetic Quill Soft Hackle Nymphs


Synthetic Quill Soft Hackle


Size 12 Hook

Tungsten Bead

UTC 70 Brown Thread

Olive Synthetic Quill

Peacock Herl

Partridge Feather

Clear Cure Goo Hydro


  1. Before placing your hook in the vice put the bead on the hook.
  2. Begin wrapping your thread starting behind the bead forming a tapered body.
  3. Tie in the synthetic quill at the back of the hook then wrap it to just behind the bead.
  4. Tie in the peacock herl just behind the bead and take several wraps forming your thorax.
  5. Attached the partridge feather, then with your hackle pliers take several wraps before tying off.
  6. Whip finish.


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